Things You Should Know About Annuities

A retirement annuity can assure a person a secure future. One can acquire a good retirement annuity plan in order to make sure that when he retires he and his family can survive without the support of others. If you have made up your mind about going for an annuity plan, you should glance over the information below which is basic yet highly essential for every retirement annuity seeker.

What is a retirement annuity?

It is a supplemental savings program which allows capital in the annuity to grow ‘tax-deferred’. A retirement annuity helps an individual to secure his future and make sure that when he retires, he can not only feed himself but his dependants as well. However, a retirement annuity can be utilized for numerous reasons depending on the person’s wishes.

What age should you apply for an annuity plan?

A person in their 20s can acquire a retirement plan. Though people don’t usually want to get an annuity plan before hitting their 30s. It should be noted that there are various retirement plan providers out there in the market who have certain age limitations for a person to attain an annuity. Annuity plans also vary depending on the age of the retirement annuity plan seeker and there is no guarantee that every plan can be attained by every individual.

When do you start receiving pension payments?

One has to keep making his monthly payments to the annuity provider while he is employed. Once he is retired, he can immediately start receiving his monthly pension payments. The payment amounts may however differ due to the financial situations of various sectors within the state and due to inflation etc.

Can you withdraw from a retirement annuity?

Yes, in the event you want to take a step back and delay your pension plans or to cancel the current pension annuity plan and to acquire another one from a different annuity plan provider. However, there is almost always a penalty that you have to take care before withdrawing from a retirement annuity.

Don’t forget to discuss your retirement annuity options as well as capped drawdown, flexible drawdown and other options with an expert before you acquire a plan. An annuity provider is the best option to give you a clear picture of what benefits you can get out of your annuity plan and exactly which plan you should go for.


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