Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFS or an Annuity Plan

A lot of people who are leaving their younger days and entering the old age use a mix of bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. They use this approach to build the assets they need for a successful and troublefree retirement life. However, even after having all these traditional investment options, many times elderly people end up figuring out that they should have acquired an annuity instead of all these options.

We are definitely not saying that investing into bonds, mutual funds and ETFs are bad decisions. You can invest your savings in to these options but you should always have one strong backup plan that can ensure you a completely secure future. One of the reasons you should think beyond these options is that you cannot rely on stocks that can vanish your entire life’s savings in a bad market situation.

You also can not rely on various investment options because not only is there always a threat of loss but managing so many investment accounts is a hassle filled task. Here, annuity comes up as the perfect option that won’t only secure your future but in a hassle-free manner.

An annuity plan can ensure guaranteed monthly payments for the rest of your life once you have bought the right kind of annuity. One can look into various options while selecting an annuity plan to make sure that the annuity attained is the right one. Options like phased income drawdown, capped drawdown, SIPP drawdown and so on. You can contact a pension specialist to find out what options you are entitled to get while acquiring a pension plan.

A mix of bonds, mutual funds etc. can be good if you have a lot of capital to invest. However, if you are looking for future stability and risk-free retirement phase, it is highly recommended that you go for a solid pension plan that allows you options like SIPP drawdown or capped drawdown instead of getting perplexed with multiple investment options.


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