Annuity mistakes to avoid

Signing the contract on your chosen annuity will probably be one of the most important moments of your life. There is no going back from there, so make sure you research every option before finalising the deal with your signing a contractannuity provider.

Despite that fact that humans are said to be the only logically thinking species, we still make mistakes. Do not let your annuity choice be one of those and you will benefit from all of the advantages the right pension annuity can bring you.

Most important thing for you to know is that your pension annuity should not represent your entire portfolio. The strategy should be customised to your personal needs and the transfer of risk strategies must have appropriate allocation percentage in order for you to avoid losing your profits.

annuity quotesSecondly, do not believe personal recommendations without checking it with the agent. Ask several providers for annuity quotes to compare different offers and choose the most suitable for you. An amazingly tempting offer might sound good on the surface but turn out to be a simply marketing strategy to attract clients.

Never be afraid to ask. The more you know, the more confident you will be about making the final decision. If your agent has not explained any aspect of the deal ask them to do so, never assume it will be fine. Same thing applies if you struggle to get your head around the specialist vocabulary or don’t understand something – it is their job to explain it to you.

Annuity Marketplace specialise in the best annuity rates, however don’t just believe us – ask us what offer we can make you. You will certainly not regret devoting some time to develop the right strategy for your future. The retirement can be a very enjoyable time in one’s life providing they don’t have to stress about the money every day. And at Annuity Marketplace we are happy to take that burden of your shoulders.


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