References Week

FreeIndex logoThe 5th until the 11th May is National References Week, this has given us a chance to look at the references we get from clients and that gives us an honest answer of how we are doing. We popped onto FreeIndex and these are just some of the reviews we had got from our clients;

Melissa said “I will recommend this company time and time again without hesitation. The advisor was not pushy and was very efficient, I am glad I chose Annuity Marketplace for help with my annuity and pension.”

Nigel Williamson said “I am thrilled with the help I have received from Annuity Marketplace. They managed to boost my pension by 10%, all by just shopping around – They are absolutely superb, I could not wish for a better service.”

annuity marketplaceEmanuela said “I have just signed the final form for my annuity and it is not hard to say that I have never received such personable, professional and informative service in my many years of living. I could not have asked anymore of Annuity Marketplace.”

Melanie said “Found this company to be really friendly and helpful, they explained things in English for me instead of baffling me into a decision; they were kind and understanding and listened to what I wanted.”

While Mary said “I am due to retire within the next five years, as much as I was looking forward to it I was concerned as to what to expect. I stupidly put my name down on several websites for them to call me for advice. Lots called me back and it was sell sell sell, all apart from one. Annuity Marketplace called up, they understood I was not looking to sort it out immediately so they advised me on what the best thing to do was. They then called up every now and again to see how I was getting on. After numerous calls every day during my working day from other companies I politely told them to kindly stop calling and stayed with Annuity Marketplace who never hounded me and I now class them as friends. I will use them when I am ready.”

We then had a look at other review sites and we found this review on Qype from Robert, “I was impressed with the handling of my annuity by Annuity Marketplace. The staff showed complete professionalism at all times. My Qypepurchase, as I suspect to be the case for a lot of people going through retirement, was not entirely straightforward but the staff asked simple, concise questions and liaised with the relevant companies without intrusion. It was a very well managed transition which earned me a much larger total pension – Thank You Annuity Marketplace.”

We were pleased to see that we were not only finding the best annuity rates around for our customers, but they were also pleased with the excellent level of service we offered, with five out of five stars on most of our references and reviews.

We would like to take this chance to thank our customers for their kind words, if you would like to work with the experts that our customers are raving about then please feel free to contact us through our website, by email or give us a call.


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