Bladder Cancer Awareness Day – 4th May

bladder cancer awarenessToday is National Bladder Cancer Awareness Day and here we have collated some worrying facts about bladder cancer, it may not be the best known form of cancer but it has been diagnosed numerous times.

  • Bladder Cancer in the fourth most common cancer in men and the eleventh most common cancer in women.
  • In 2012 well over 72,000 patients were diagnosed with bladder cancer and sadly more than 15,000 people died of this disease.American flag
  • In America today there are fewer than 525,000 bladder cancer survivors.
  • Detecting bladder cancer early on is critical to the long term survival of the patient; this is the same with most cancers.
  • Blood in urine is the most common symptom of bladder cancer. If you notice blood in your urine you need to contact your doctor.
  • Cancer of the bladder is twice more likely in smokers than non-smokers.
  • Cancer of the bladder has a recurrence rate of fifty to eighty percent so life long surveillance is

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