Your Pension Fitness Plan


We are now approaching that time in life where retirement is not too far away and this is why you may be interested in our very simple pension fitness plan, it shows you some great ways to help improve your pension and subsequent annuity rates.

When dealing with your pension you need to be aware of three very important things; Do not pay more money into your pension than you need to, Ensure that you do not take more risks with your money that you feel comfortable doing and, possible most importantly, do not lose any valuable benefits by rushing in to important decisions without shopping around.

It is also recommended that you get all your pension plans together and check how much you are being charged and if there are any additional costs that are being deducted, all look at the sort of investments you have and where they are invested. On top of this look at any extra benefits that you may be entitled to, you may find these hidden in the small print.

You may decided that it makes more sense to bring all your pensions together in a location that offers the lowest charges and best benefits for the investments. However sometimes these places are hard to find as they all have different ‘catches’ in the small print. This is why it is recommended that you go to an annuity rate expert who can help you shop around for the best deal.


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