Is It A Good Idea To Get An Annuity?


We are often asked if it is a good idea to get an annuity to protect your future however this question is not an easy one to answer, the answer really depends on what you hope to accomplish with your investment.

We find that many people that come to us are looking for the ‘magic investment’ the one investment that resolves all concerns. Sadly this ‘magic investment’ is not possible as no one investment can solve everyone’s problems simultaneously. As with most things in life, what is good for you may not necessarily be good for everyone else and vice versa.

There are many good features of annuities which can make great benefits for you, but a good feature for one person can be a bad feature for someone else. For example, ‘tax deferred’ is a great feature for someone that is looking to grow their money, but for someone looking to pass on money to their family this is a very bad thing.annuity

It’s all well and good reading the features of various annuity rates but you really need to think about what the feature means for you, how it will benefit your situation.

It is highly recommended that use the skills of an expert for annuity rates as it’s a very confusing subject and the experts will be able to find any hidden sneaky tactics that you may not have noticed.

The best thing to be when looking for the right annuity deal for you, is to be informed, knowledge is power!


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