Famous British Model Retires

aJust last month Agyness Deyn decided that she wanted to retire from her modelling career. When most people retire they ensure that they have a back up plan. Some back-up plans are in the form of having a good annuity arrangement. They may spend weeks, months or even years ensuring the get the best annuity rate for their pension so they can retire comfortably.

So what is 28 year old, Agyness Deyns’ back up plan for her retirement?

Agyness has decided that her retirement is not really real at all, instead she is taking this time to side step from modelling over to acting, since becoming disenchanted with the modelling and fashion industry over the last ten years.

It was four years ago when Agyness decided that her heart was no longer in modelling and she considered what the next move was to be. Being in her twenties permanent retirement from all work completely was not an option so she decided that acting was the next career path for her.

Agyness did not hate modelling and loved the fact that she was able to travel the world and it gave her a bug for the more creative things in life which is what led her into the world of acannuity logoting.

If you are fed up in your job then consider moving on to a different career path, but if you are of a more mature age and you are feeling that enough is enough make sure you have yourself prepared for retirement.

You need to shop around for the best annuity rates so you can get the best deal for you and your future. Have a look around the marketplace of annuities and find the right company for you.


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